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the customer service

In terms of brands, the company’s flagship brand Prada fared best with an increase of sales by 14.3 percent; Church’s showed an increase by 5.1 percent, Miu Miu by 3.7 percent and Car Shoe recorded an unspecified loss. Prada will announce its complete results for the first half of the fiscal year on 17th September..

Prada’s own retail stores contributed to an increase of retail sales by 15.6 percent (same store sales by 7 percent), whereas wholesale reported a decline in sales by 3.5 percent. The company said this was mainly due to "the selective strategy adopted by the group, which led to a reduction in the number of wholesale partners by more than 100".

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We will] continue to base our long-term growth strategy on the balanced international expansion of our retail network,discount apple ipod 5 touch buy, achieving efficiency in all areas and constantly seeking quality and stylistic innovation," confirmed chief executive Patrizio Bertelli the good retail results and strategy.

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